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Relocation PA is the easiest and hassle-free way to rent out your property in Hereford, Worcester, Cheltenham or Gloucester.

Join our premium landlord service where we will become your ideal tenant as we will not only guarantee your rent for 3-5 years but also pay for your property to be refurbished and brought up to the latest compliance standards. 

We then furnish it using our in-house interior design team and find professional tenants to look after it as their home. 

If you dont want us to be your ideal tenant, we of course would fully manage the property on your behalf whilst you still get all the benefits of our legendry management service. 

Why Relocation PA is your perfect tenant:

  • We will Refurbish your property for FREE

    We typically spend between £12-£20k refurbishing our landlords’ properties for them using our own money thus instantly enhancing your properties value and future rentability.

  • We will Guarantee Your Rent

    We will guarantee you a fixed monthly rental payment each month, 365 days a year for the duration of our lease so you never have to worry about finding tenants again or fixing maintenance issues. Even when the property is empty, we will pay you meaning you never miss any payments again.

  • We take full Responsibility of your property

    Whereas previously you would have to deal with and pay for management, maintenance, and utility costs, we will take care of ALL of those so you will end up making more money each month and never have to worry about the hassle of it again.

We Guarantee Your Rent and Refurbish Your House.

Using our premium landlord service, we will rent your property directly from you for a fixed period tenancy, typically, between 3 and 5 years, whilst taking over full responsibility of the property. Relocation PA become your tenant and you only deal with us instead of multiple tenants.

We are your perfect tenant as you will receive a guaranteed rent each month, whether empty or not. There are NO fees or hidden charges on top.

Relocation PA will then refurbish and furnish your property totally for FREE and add some of our signature touches to give it that real WOW factor.



 We will then rent out your property to professional working tenants on a room by room basic inclusive of all bill, who we vet heavily so you can be confident your property will be well looked after.

We even look after all ongoing maintenance issues and pay for it our of our own pocket.

If you want to come and inspect the property, you can. Its still your property! We will send you regular reports and updates you can know how well we are looking after it.


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