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10 Things to do during Lockdown Life in your RPA House

06 November 2020 - Posted in Tenants

Lockdown hobbies to do

During the last lockdown I think we can agree we all had enough of baking, banana bread making and online zoom quizzes by the end of it however unfortunately what we all feared is upon us as we enter into lockdown 2.0 so we thought it would be a great idea to though some different ideas out there for things you can do to keep you busy (sane perhaps even sane) in your house during this lockdown. We know its going to be a bit of a struggle to not get on top of each other living in a shared house so we highly recommended getting involved together if possible.

So here are our top ten things to do during this lockdown

1. Take an online Course on Masterclass

If you are looking to fill your time and learn some new skills, then we can’t recommend signing up to Masterclass and choosing an online course to get stuck in to. There are hundreds of online courses covering pretty much anything you could want to learn about from business to art to cooking and sport. Yes its not cheap at £180 a year (Annoyingly you can pay monthly) however its really worth it as there is absolutely something for everyone on there and your lockdown will fly by once you get into it. You can find out more here:

Some of Relocation PA favorites include:

  • Dog training Brandon McMillan
  • Italian Cooking with Massimo Bottura
  • Wine Tasting with James Suckling
  • Writing with Judy Blume

2. Read some good Books 

If you are anything like us its hard to find the time to actually sit down and read a good book or two. We always just seem to be far to busy with life however lockdown is the perfect time to finally get lost in a book and perhaps for once even finish it!

We recently wrote a blog post on the top 5 books to read during lockdown so make sure to go and check that out here: Here.

We can’t recommend Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens enough – you can buy it off Amazon here:

Let us know what you think!

  3. Play a Board Game

 This is definitely one you can get the whole house involved in and a great thing to do to pass those frustrating     evenings when you can’t go to the pub (we feel the same!) We had certainly forgotten how good getting stuck into a game can be. Obvious contenders would be Articulate, Cluedo and of course Monopoly. When we say board game we also recommend doing a good puzzle, playing chess and some good cards games are always a winner however if you want a good board game the whole house can be involved in Relocation PA HQ couldn’t get enough of Codenames during the last lockdown so that would be our suggestion. Unless you want an epic game or risk that goes on for the whole month!

4. Create a Photo Album   

Again, just think when you are likely to get this amount of time off work ever again to do all those jobs you wish you could do but just never have the time. Well for us, one of those jobs was definitely finally getting around to sorting out a load of photos that had been stuck on a hard drive for ten years and getting them printed (we cant recommend Snapfish enough for this: and finally getting them stuck into a photo album. Or if you don’t fancy sticking them into, why not get a photo book printed on Snapfish too?

Perhaps you’ve been on an amazing trip (remember those days when we could actually go away?) or a friend got married or you have children then why not stick all those amazing memories into a photo album.

In a world of being able to see photos on Facebook and on a computer, it’s a great chance to do something a little old fashioned and have a physical photo album and a great way to pass some time during lockdown. 

5. Get in touch with old friends

This is one we think is an absolute must for everything now we all have a little more spare time on our hands. Why not spend some time reaching out to some old friends you have slightly lost touch with and see how they are? Don’t just text them though, why not actually call them for a chat and see how they are getting on! We promise you it will be a great thing, not only to catch up, but its great for your own mental health. Better still, why not write a letter or postcard to some old pals or perhaps some family you can be with during lockdown for a total change, especially now you have some time to pass and what a great way to fill that time by writing some notes to people.

Relocation Pas top suggestion for quick notes to send are Oh Squirrel Cards -

6.  Get out and exercise

Not that original we know but one that just simply could not be left off the list. Lockdown is the perfect time to get out and get fit, especially with Christmas fast approaching! Plus being stuck inside your house share isn’t going to be much fun over lockdown so in order to keep you sane getting out and about and doing some exercise is imperative to getting through and will do wonders for your mental health.

Start off by just a short run to get out of the house three times a week. We promise it will make a huge difference.

For those into your health and fitness already, get in those gardens and get out the weights. We recommend a TRX and some free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells to stay on top of it whilst gyms are shut. Exercise is a great thing to keep you busy during lockdown and will make a massive difference to your wellbeing.

7. Carry on Cooking

As if you didn’t get enough of the sourdough and baking craze last time right? (Please no more banana bread posts on Instagram) However cooking is a really great thing to do more of during lockdown and will be a great way to pass time, especially as you all your kitchens are fully equipped with everything you need to rustle up some delicious dinners and if you don’t know how to cook it’s a great time to dig out some recipe book an learn. Enjoy spending some time cooking up something as opposed to shoving a pot noodle in the microwave after work. You have time so why not use it and really become a master in the kitchen.

For anyone wanting to learn how to cook why not skill two birds with one stone and follow our first suggestion of signing up to Masterclass and take Gordon Ramsey’s online cooking course or we suggest these cookbooks to get you on your way to being a MasterChef.

  • Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food
  • Learn to Cook by Delia Smith
  • Leiths How to Cook
  • Gordon Ramseys Ultimate Cooking Course
  • The Bosh books are great for vegan cooking 

Why not cook up something epic for the whole house too? Make sure to send us a photo of what you cook or tag us on Instagram under relocation_pa!

8. Binge on Netflix 

Lets be honest you can take up all the new hobbies in the world but sometimes you just want to crash and not think to much so this the time to get stuck into a really good series on Netflix. We already have a blog on our top 5 Netflix series to binge on so for our top takes go and check it out here: Here

However, our top pick for if you want to watch something on Netflix to help pass the time would be The Fall.

9. Learn a New Language

Another great lockdown project we suggest helping you get through would be to learn a language! It’s a great time to learn new skills and for those of you who have always wanted to learn a new language this is the perfect opportunity to do so, especially nowadays where there is so many free resources online to help you learn pretty much any language you could want.

Our top suggestions on how to learn a new language are:

 10. Try some new Podcasts

Our last suggestion is for thing to keep you busy during this lockdown would be to try some new podcasts. They are a great way to pass time as well as learn some interesting things and entertain you. We have put together a small variety of our favorites below for you to try and see which ones you love.

Stuff You Should Know

If you want to know more about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, Chaos Theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks and much much more this podcast is worth a try.

The American Life

This podcast originated as a public radio show (which it still is) in the 1990s and eventually took on the podcast format as well. Each episode of this weekly show has a theme that is explored, usually through first-person narratives, by folks from all walks of life. Think "stories about being little," the pros and cons of therapy and the tale of a flute player who steals a million dollars worth of dead birds.

The Dropout

Elizabeth Holmes is the disgraced founder of Theranos, a blood-testing technology that she claimed would revolutionize the medical industry. The story of her lies and fall has been chronicled in a book, an HBO documentary, and this podcast.

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Off Menu is a food and comedy podcast in which guests are invited to select their dream menu by British comedians Gamble and Acaster.

No Such Thing as a Fish

If you want some more comedy in your lockdown life then this is definitely worth a listen. No Such Thing as a Fish is presented by the researchers behind the BBC Two panel game QI. In it each of the researchers, collectively known as "The QI Elves", present their favourite fact that they have come across that week. Its hilarious.


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