How Renting a Relocation PA House Differs from Renting Traditional HMO’s?

example of co-living in house shareexample of co-living in house share

We often get asked why someone would rather rent a Relocation PA house over a traditional HMO type property which are often cheaper.

The simple answer is we offer co living, not just renting individual rooms in a house share. Co living is much more than just renting on a room by room basis and goes way beyond the physical rooms and is much more about the community and experience you also benefit from.

When you rent a Relocation PA room you are joining a family of likeminded people who are similar ages and stages in life. We connect you instantly with new friends as well as providing beautiful all-inclusive renting for a unique renting experience. We want our tenants to love renting through Relocation PA so are always open to hearing how we can provide a better experience for them as well as embracing technology to make renting a room through Relocation PA as seamless as possible.

5 Reasons to Rent Relocation PA over other HMOs.

1. A Higher Standard of Accommodation

This is the starting point for all of Relocation PA properties. Not only do they need to be well maintained, but they also need to have a high standard of interior design and furnishing. We want to create somewhere that our housemates are proud to call home. If the accommodation is clearly well cared for by the owner/manager, then in our experience, the residents take better care of it too.

2. Easy Rent – One Monthly Payment, Cancel Anytime

We want to become the Netflix of shared living. One monthly payment for everything, including council tax and cleaning. We don’t have set tenancy periods meaning you can cancel any time with just a months’ notice. No deposit (we use deposit-free alternative provision) and no fees. Moving to a new city can be very expensive and we want our housemates to know exactly what they will need to pay, before, during and at the end of our stay with us.

3. Happiness Guaranteed – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want everyone one of our tenants to be delighted when renting a Relocation PA room, we offer a 30-day rent back guarantee. So if you are unhappy about anything regarding renting through Relocation PA and no longer wish to be part of our family, we will give you all of your rent back up until the point you let us know as long as its within the first 30 days of renting through us. You cant argue with that.

4. Community living – Join our Family

It can be really tough, moving to a new house with a bunch of strangers, potentially in a new city. We want our housemates to feel part of a community, not like they’re on their own. We make sure that communal spaces are welcoming and are large enough to accommodate everyone in the house. We look at outdoor space too and optimise that for spending time together there.

5. A Sense of Belonging 

We regularly run social events, for both individual houses and for everyone who lives in a Relocation PA house. Housemates can move between our properties with two weeks’ notice. It’s like being a member of a special club as well as benefiting from discounts with local businesses.

We strongly believe in making your experience renting through Relocation exceptional. It’s about giving our customers excellent customer service and making them happy and we are constantly innovating to cater for this to ensure all our tenants and landlords are more than delighted with the service we offer.

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