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The Ultimate Guide To Herefords Best Bites | Hereford

26 April 2019 - Posted in Tenants

Beef on a plate | Ultimate Guide to Herefords Best Bites

Best places to eat in Hereford

Following on from our last post on a guide to what we felt are the best pubs and bars in Hereford.  We thought it would only be fair to do a similar one on Herefords best restaurants and best places to eat in Hereford. These two blogs should give any new Relocation PA tenants or for that matter anyone moving to Hereford, enough to get stuck into and check out. So here goes, these are the best places to eat in Hereford from brunch to burgers.



The Rule of Tum (Burger Shop)

The Rule of Tum has two terrific restaurants, the Burger Shop and The Bookshop (which we will cover below). The Burger shop does what it says on the tin and produces sensational burgers and sensible prices in an urban cool setting. A real favourite of our tenants and definitely up there as one of the first places you should check out to eat in Hereford.

Location: 32 Aubrey St, Hereford

Best Time to Go: Thursday evening as it can get pretty cosy at the weekend

What to Expect: A stripped back urban vibe with bloody good food.

Our Favorite thing on the menu: The Butchers Burger with sweet potato fries

Cost: Expect to drop at minimum of £20

Find out more here: or follow them on Instagram @_burgershop



Beefy Boys

We’re sure most people know about the Beefy Boys which has been a huge success in Hereford but if you don’t then its certainly worth checking out. A little like the Rule of Tum Burger Shop, the Beefy Boys produce award winning burgers right in the city centre. After winning Grillstock and coming 2nd in the World Food Championships in LA, what we no know as the Beefy Boys opened and we are very glad it did. All the beef is locally sourced as they use as many local ingredients as possible which is always a plus for us.

Location: Old Market, Hereford (next to Costa Coffee)

Best Time to Go: Lunch time as we have found its too busy in the evenings, so the service can be slow

What to Expect: A young busy vide with burger lovers coming together to endoule in fantastic patties.

Our Favorite thing on the menu: Millionaire Fries

Cost: around £10 for a burger

Find out more here: and go follow the Beefy Boys on Instagram @thebeefyboys



Sensory and Rye

If you are looking for something perhaps a little lighter than a burger or steak, then check out Sensory and Rye. It’s a brilliant spot of brunch at the weekend (especially post a fairly tragic night out in Hereford) and also has a very good lunch menu.

Location: Union Street, Hereford (opposite the Kerry)

Best Time to Go: Saturday/Sunday mid-morning

What to Expect: A contemporary feeling brunch spot with good outside sitting area

Our Favorite thing on the menu: Pancakes and bacon for brunch

Cost: Very reasonable

Find out more here and go check them out on Instgram @sensoryandrye



La Madeleine

La Madeleine is a small and sweet classic French style restaurant tucked away in one of Herefords most iconic streets providing excellent French style food as well as an sensational garden outside for lunch or drinks in. One of our favourite hidden gems in Hereford and a great place for a meeting on a Friday afternoon when the sun is shining (cough cough)!

Location: 17 Church Street, Hereford

Best Time to Go: Evenings

What to Expect:

Our Favorite thing on the menu: Coq au Vin

Cost: Very sensible

Find out more here: Go and see if you can find it yourself and enjoy wandering around Church Street.


The Bookshop

As mentioned above, The Bookshop the Rule of Tums steak house. Using only local Hereford beef, we can whole heartedly say it is some of the best steak we have ever tried. Before you order, one of the waiters will talk you through all the different cuts of beef you can have and one of the best things is they use as much off the cow as possible. Different cuts command different prices however we suggest you try some slightly more un usual cuts as well as the more tradition

al steaks.

Location: Right next door to the Burger Shop on Aubrey St, Hereford

Best Time to Go: It is closed on a Monday and Tuesday and booking a table is essential so any time.

What to Expect: A similar feel to next door with a cosy feel to it (we especially love the huge bookcase inside). The steak is exceptional and the service second to none.

Our Favorite thing on the menu: Rump steak sharing board with a bottle of decent red.

Cost: Theres no denying it, it is expensive but we promise it is worth every penny.

Find out more here and follow them on Instagram @thebookshophfd

So now you are up to scratch on Herefords best restaurants, go out and enjoy. Please do come and say hi if you are one of our tenants or looking for a room to rent in Hereford and we would be more than delighted to buy you a beer and tell you more about renting through Relocation PA.

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