Consultancy Services for Landlords and Letting Agents

Consultancy Services for Landlords and Letting Agents

Our Consultancy Work 

Relocation PA HMO Lettings and Management can provide advice to either existing or new clients on a one-off as well as ongoing consultancy work basis. Typically, our consultation services are requested by three types of client:

  1. Private Landlords about to or currently going through the process of buying an HMO.
  2. Single Let letting agents looking to start managing HMOs for their own clients and need help with the transition to letting and managing HMOs.
  3. Landlords and letting agents looking to systemise the lettings and management of their HMOs resulting in increased productivity and profit for them or their clients.

Our formal consultancy service differs from our one-hour free consultancy session with offer to landlords looking at whether they wish Relocation PA to manage their portfolio of HMOs for them.

Most of our consulting work is either to landlords who have already received their one-hour free session but don’t have their HMOs currently under management with Relocation PA and wish us to consult for them further.


To existing or new clients looking for consultation on their HMOs not relating to lettings and management such as with the acquisition or refurbishment of an HMO as well as to letting agents looking for Relocation PA to help them with the lettings and management of their own client’s HMOs.

Obviously current landlords using Relocation PA to manage their properties receive free letting and management advice and consultancy as part of their full management package.

Relocation PA has previously consulted on a huge array of topics in most key areas around HMOs including:

  • HMO Refurbishments and Development Process
  • HMO Fire Safety Regulations
  • Tailored Project Advice
  • Recruiting Staff and Building a Team
  • Planning and Building Regulations
  • Marketing and Attracting New Business
  • Serving S8 and S21 Notices and Court Proceedings
  • Financial and Property Due Diligence
  • Mortgages and Bank Lending

Relocation PA offers consultancy work on several different formats to provide our clients with the most effective solution for their current requirements. Our range of consulting services are as follows:

One to One Consulting

This is by far our most popular form of consultation with landlords and letting agents as it provides the most direct form of advice.

We provide one on one consulting on a per hour, half day or full day basis depending on the requirements of the client and what they are looking to get from the consultancy session.

Each session is completed tailored to our clients having had an initial phone call and questionnaire to complete. All our one on one consultations include a full in-depth review on all areas of your business, allowing us to identify the strengths and weaknesses and put together a detailed report and targeted action plan based on your current performance and future goals and objectives.

Group Consulting

Where landlords or letting agents want additional ongoing support and mentorship that can’t be gained from a one on one consulting session, then Relocation PA offers a group Mastermind program where a select group of landlords or letting agents (separate sessions or landlords and letting agents) meet on a monthly basis to discuss certain areas within their business they wish to address. This provides them with unrestricted access to Relocation PAs staff, systems, knowledge, and experience to help grow their business or put the systems in place to not spend as much time managing their HMO properties.

Tailored Training Courses

Relocation PA can design, write, and produce bespoke half or full day courses for you or your team on all areas of HMO Lettings, Property Management Law and Compliance. We will travel to you and deliver a tailed course on any area you wish.

HMO Lettings and Management Compliance Checking

RPA is regularly called upon to consult for landlords who self-manage their HMO or portfolio or HMOs to ensure they have all the correct procedures and processes in place to comply with the ever-growing level of red tape and legislation to understand around HMOs. As well as ensuring that once these procedures and processes are in place that they are followed properly and regally and recorded as such.

Relocation PA can visit you or your offices to review your current systems and files and provide a report with our findings and recommendations. The most common areas of compliance we are asked to consult on include:

  • HMO Fire Safety Regulations mainly: Fire Doors, Fire Alarm System, Escape Routes and Emergency Lighting
  • Evidence of safety checks for gas, electric and smoke/CO ² alarms
  • Fire Alarm and Emergency Light Testing and Reporting
  • Correct usage of tenancy agreement and timely execution of the documents
  • Correctly serving S21 and S8 Notices under the Housing Act 1988

If you would like to discuss how Relocation PA can consult for you and your business, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to either drop us an email on give us a call on 0333 444 0423.

RPA Process and Systems Document

We are constantly being asked by our customers if we are willing to sell them our systems and procedures documents that, over the last five years we have complied and tweaked to what they are now. We are delighted to say that for the first time in five years we are now selling the following documents to help you with your HMO lettings business:

The Relocation PA Assured Short Term Tenancy Agreement (AST)

The most popular document we get asked to sell is our now famous AST contract that we have specifically tailed for HMO lettings with a lot of adding of clauses over the last five years. You can buy ASTs for a lot less however they are nowhere near as detailed and proven as the Relocation PA AST.

RPA Notice Board Documents

Over the years Relocation PA has collated and designed a very detailed set of documents for the benefit of the tenants which goes on the communal notice board in any HMO. Any landlord who doesn’t have a communal notice needs one and these documents on it! We guarantee this will help with the management of your HMO.

RPA Checklists, Flow Charts and Training Videos

Customers looking to improve their systems and processes often ask us for Relocation PAs checklists, flow charts and videos. These are the quick check aid memoirs which have been composed out of the Operations Manual without our customers having to buy the full Relocation PA operations manual.

The Relocation PA Operations Manual

The Relocation PA Operations Manual is quite simply our whole business in key turn guide enabling anyone to pick up every aspect of running a successful HMO lettings and property management business with no prior training, as Relocation PA currently runs it. Every new Relocation Employ is issued with it and expected to know it inside out. However, we must warn you its not cheap as we are literally giving away our competitive secrets! The RPA Operations Manual comes with all the check lists, flow charts and videos as they are designed to be used in conjunction.

If you would like to purchase any of the above Relocation PA documents, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel free to either drop us an email on give us a call on 0333 444 0423