Relocation PA – How we Give – Providing Homes for Everyone

For every landlord that signs up to Relocation PA full management service, we will donate 10% of that monthly profit from each management contract to the Help 4 Homeless Veterans Charity.

Bringing us your property helps provide a property

By working with Relocation PA and using Relocation PA to manage your HMO, you enable people living in desperate conditions to get the quality accommodation they so desperately require.

What we Give

The Gift of Quality Accommodation

The Gift of Re-education and Integration

The Gift of Security and Protection

The Gift of somewhere to call Home

How it works

It all begins with you bring your HMO or Shared Houses to Relocation PA to fully manage. For each landlords property we have under management, we will donate 10% of our profits generated from that property to the Help 4 Homeless Veterans Charity.

The more landlord’s properties we have under management the more money we are able to donate.

It’s not a one-off donation! We will continue to donate 10% of the profits from each property we have under management, each month, for as long as the landlord continues using Relocation PA to manage their property.

What you support by using Relocation PA to Manage your property:

  • Taking Homeless ex-servicemen and women off the streets of the UK and enable someone who is homeless to be provided with shelter, food and warmth.
  • Educating these Serviceman Men and Women and integrating them back into normal life.
  • Giving men and women the quality of life they deserve, especially as they fought to protect our quality of life.

Who Relocation PA is supporting and working with:
Help 4 Homeless Veterans logo

Help 4 Homeless Veterans:

Help 4 Homeless Veterans mission is to source and provide accommodation to Ex Service Personnel who are living rough or in unsatisfactory accommodation. H4HV help support, Servicemen and women into suitable accommodation, and empower them to develop a civilian career whilst providing access to organisations who can offer up-to-date and accessible information on employment, further training and wider opportunities H4HV also aim to identify employers in locations close to the accommodation occupied by veterans maintain and develop links with employers and other relevant agencies regionally.

Why Relocation PA is supporting these causes?

Relocation PA feels especially strongly about Help 4 Homeless Veterans for several reasons, firstly because we spend every day trying to provide the best quality accommodation to our tenants and we felt we could do more to help people less fortunate. We have always wanted to work closely with providing housing for people who don’t have the luxury for having access to the basic necessity of quality accommodation and we felt the best way for us to help contribute to that cause was to support charities we felt could really make a difference in people’s lives through accommodation and housing.

The second reason is two members of the Relocation PA team are both ex-military. Hugh served 8 years in the army and Alex served 5 years in the army. Miles is also still serving in an Army Reserve unit and so the whole team comes from a very military background and therefore feels very strongly about the cause we are supporting as it is close to home.

Thirdly, Relocation PA is based in Hereford, and Hereford is a strong military town with links to lots of well-known military history and regiments so we felt it even more fitting that Relocation PA support a charity which can help people locally.