Example of one the kitchens in our HMO houses | sourcing HMO opportunitiesExample of one the kitchens in our HMO houses | sourcing HMO opportunities

Multi-Let Investment Opportunities 

Relocation PA not only manages properties for our landlords but is repeatedly asked to source and secure HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) investment opportunities. Sourcing HMO opportunities for both our existing landlords wishing to expand their portfolio with professional multi-lets as well as new clients wishing to acquire multi let properties and start building a portfolio of high yielding properties. This provides them with sustainable strong returns and secures their capital, especially at times where interest rates are at an all-time low and capital can be utilised much more effectively into high yielding investments such an Houses of Multiple Occupation.

Relocation PA provides an HMO investment service whereby we take our client through the full process. From sourcing the ideal property at the right capital value, project managing the refurbishment of the property to ensure the works are carried out to the right regulations and then handing it over to our lettings and property management team for ongoing management of your new investment thus providing a full ‘key Turn Solution’ for our customers.

As HMO investors ourselves we fully understand the requirements of finding excellent opportunities and only put forward investment opportunities to our clients we would want to put our own hard cash into as well.

The Model

Relocation PA specialises in the sourcing, development and ongoing management of HMOs for our clients. This model differs from your traditional Buy to Let investment renting out to a single occupier, typically a family, by converting traditional single occupier properties into larger shared occupier housing thus generating significantly higher returns for our investors and therefor the maximum return on their capital. Multi-let properties allow substantially higher revenues as they are rented out to individuals on a room by room basis.

HMO properties provide between five and ten rooms let out separately to investors. Rent will typically include the internet, utility bills and council tax. Whilst the individual bedrooms are rented out on a room by room basis to unconnected parties on individual contracts.

Unlike a traditional single let property that may achieve a gross rent of anywhere between £500 to £1000 per month to a single occupier, a multi-let, once converted, can achieve anywhere from £2000 upwards in gross rental income depending on the number of rentable rooms. Thus HMOs provide a drastically more profitable option for buy to let investors looking for higher returns for their capital within the property market.

The Market

With interest rates at an all-time low for capital sat in banks, low yielding ISAs, equities and pensions are all failing to generate the returns they once achieved, therefore investors are looking for alternative higher yielding opportunities for their capital to be utilised in such as within the property market.

The private rental sector (PRS) has provided investors with secure and stable returns for many years, not only because rents are rarely effected by economic downturns but investors also benefit from long term capital growth gains for consistently rising capital values, with property prices, on average, doubling every ten years.

With capital values of single dwelling properties souring out of the price range of many owner occupiers, many people are opting to return to a nation of renters like on the continent and are becoming less fussed about proeprty ownership. The PRS is set to increase of a further one million households over the next five years, which provides investors with a fantastic opportunity to invest in high yielding Buy to Let properties currently to capatlaise on this predicted growth.

If this is indeed the case, it is likely that the demand for HMOs will increase at pace from private investors for whom it will be the only traditional rental model with a viable, profitable and sustainable income. It is also likely to be the most popular option for tenants, as the single let property will be much more difficult to secure due to the lack of availability, affordability or both.

The Management

Relocation PA can not only source and develop our clients Multi-Let properties but also provide our clients with the ongoing management of our cli

ent’s properties thus securing their capital and returns through our proactive management and in depth industry knowledge and experience.

The Process

If you have a minimum of £100,000 and would like to consider the investment opportunities to secure a multi-let property, then please continue to read below about how to go about the process of achieving those substantial returns we can offer!

Step 1 – Fill out an Application Form  

If you are looking to achieve greater returns with your capital through property investments, then emails us on ring us to enquire about our Investment application form.

Step 2 – We will review your application 

Once we have review your application form, we will get back in touch with you to have an initial conversation about your requirements and what we can offer for you in terms of investment opportunities.

Step 3 – Review Investment Opportunity

Once all questions have been answered, and both parties are agreeable to proceed

We will then source a property that matches your criteria and you will be presented with a phase two appraisal of the opportunity for your consideration. You can then choose to accept or proceed.

Step 4 – Accept or reject Investment Opportunity

If you choose to proceed, a full program and schedule will be provided detailing the process of acquisition to development, development into lettings and then lettings into Relocation PA Management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

How are our fees calculated?

Are fees are calculated based on a percentage of the purchase price and refurb cost capped at a limit to ensure fairness too our clients.

Do we have any ownership in the properties we offer you?

No, if you are looking for a straight investment then we would not have any ownership in your property, we would purely source it, develop it and manage it for you but you would own it 100%.

Do we manage the properties for you?

Yes we have a dedicated lettings and property management team who would look after your HMO investment for you from finding tenants and dealing with maintenance requests to conducting the weekly fire alarm tests and monthly maintenance reviews.

Where are the investments you provide situated?

We provide our investors with opportunities across the West Midlands, predominantly within Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester, Telford and Birmingham which is where we currently manage our client’s properties from.