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Miles from Relocation PA holding signs to advertise their Letting agents | HMO Letting AgentsMiles from Relocation PA holding signs to advertise their Letting agents | HMO Letting Agents
Our Story

Our Story

Do you realise you are currently throwing away £480 a month on rent on average when renting a flat or traditional house share?

What would you do with an additional £480 a month in your pocket? That’s £5,760 a YEAR you are just wasting!

Perhaps you want to save for your own house deposit, go traveling or just have that extra bit of income each month to not have to worry.

Especially when considering that the majority of renters are renting substandard accommodation through greedy landlords who can take advantage due to the sheer levels of demand for housing. With lazy landlords usually not maintaining their flats or houses to a habitable standard, making tenants buy all their furniture, lumping them with excessive bills and providing spaces that quite frankly tenants really shouldn’t be living in. The difficulty is, most tenants don’t have but much of a choice due to the shortage of housing we are currently facing in the UK.

I have been in that position too, I remember in 2016 having to rent a house in Oxford with eye wateringly high rents for subpar accommodation with damp everywhere in tiny rooms. I don’t know about you, but I hated paying extortionate rent to have mince running around in my tiny room. Our landlord never fixed any of the maintenance issues we brought up and then wouldn’t return our deposit. We lived there just because it was all there was available at the time.

Well that’s why I started Relocation PA. I wanted to create the experience I wished I had had back in my small damp house in Oxford and set out to change this and give tenants a choice with where they want to live whilst saving them money.

Relocation PA is now the leading supplier of professional shared accommodation across the West Midlands and we are on a mission to combat the ever-growing amount of inadequate and extortionate accommodation tenants are being forced to rent.

We provide tenants with accommodation they are proud to live in and call their home, whilst saving huge amounts of money. We do this by providing luxury all-inclusive fully furnished accommodation on a room by room basic to professional tenants across the West Midlands. We provide beautiful large rooms with all your furniture included do you don’t have to worry about forking out even more money. We pay all your bills for you including ultra-fast WIFI and even Netflix, so you never have to worry about that. We offer large communal space to relax and enjoy your home instead of being crammed into tiny digs. Oh and we pay for cleaners to clean your house every week!!

The key to what Relocation PA provides though is becoming part of our growing community be it through our regular socials with our tenants or organising trips or discounts are local bars and restaurants. You make instant friends when you move to a new city with no hassle.

We offer a 24-hour immediate maintenance service and guarantee any maintenance issue you bring to our attention is resolved within 4 hours, so no more damp walls and mince running around.

We don’t take deposits or admin fees as we much rather you save that money for yourself.

And if that’s not enough we also offer a 30-day full money back guarantee with no questions asked if you don’t like renting through Relocation PA.

Simply we match great housemates, with stunning homes for effortlessly and affordable shared living.

So if you like the idea of living in beautiful houses with great people and none of the issues you’ve probably experienced renting in the past then Book A Viewing today by going to our website on www.relocation-pa.co.uk or calling us on 0333 444 0243

Come join us in the new way to live, work and play and join our community.


Constantly endeavouring to be the largest supplier of shared accommodation in the West Midlands

Brand Promises

  1. Happy tenants
  2. More time for busy landlords
  3. Innovative and proactive property management


  • Never standing still, always moving forward
  • Encouraging Individual ability and creativity
  • Excellence in reputation: Being part of something special
  • Being a pioneer, doing the impossible

Meet the Team

Becky Vogels

Property Manager

Becky started with Relocation PA in January 2018 as our property Manager, having previously worked for West Mercia for 10 years as a Scheme Manager, she has a vast array of experience and knowledge when managing residential properties and dealing with tenants.

Becky is mainly responsible for the day to day management of our properties and tenants, organising maintenance requests to be rectified, conducting inspections, checking in incoming tenants, conducting inventories and ensuring our properties are all legally compliant.

When not busy dealing with our properties, Becky likes to spend most of her time with her mad dog Misty.

Becky property manager at Relocation-PA
HMO-Letting Agent-Hereford-Alex headshot from relocation-PA.co.uk

Alex Pattison-Appleton

Finance Director

Alex oversees the finances for the whole company including incoming rent from tenants, paying all invoices, bookkeeping and mainly making sure Miles doesn’t spend too much!

Alex has previously consulted for a local accountancy firm in their payroll and bookkeeping department and is an experienced bookkeeper. She is also an experienced property investor with a large portfolio of her own.

Alex enjoys running, cooking, walking the dogs and getting away on holiday when she can.

Miles Pattison-Appleton

Managing Director

Miles studied commercial property at university and is currently training to become a Chartered Surveyor.

He set up Relocation PA while still at university  to provide a solution for his ever expanding residential property portfolio. He now is a full time property investor, developer and entrepreneur focusing on expanding the innovative Relocation PA brand.

Miles is a keen shot and fisherman and when not in the office you’ll find him in the countryside. Miles is a regular rower and squash player and enjoys travelling, wine and reading.

HMO-Letting Agent-Hereford-Miles headshot from relocation-PA.co.uk
HMO-Letting Agent-Hereford-Hugh headshot from relocation-PA.co.uk

Hugh Pattison-Appleton


Hugh oversees the business as a whole, working on the long term vision and strategy for Relocation PA, focusing on the rapid growth of the company with the help of Miles.

He has a background in both property and running companies. Hugh is an ex-army officer serving in the Queens Dragoon Guards, a trained chartered surveyor and has had over 30 years in the property industry as well as owning a portfolio of single lets and HMOs in Telford and Hereford. Hugh has set up and continues to run three other companies alongside Relocation PA which are going from strength to strength. Hugh has also completed an MBA course.

Outside of Relocation PA, Hugh is a keen sportsman, enjoying rugby, hockey and squash. He enjoys walking and countryside pursuits, as well as traveling, trying new wines and collecting antique furniture.


Team Mascot

Inca is the latest addition to the Relocation PA team, born in 2018, she is very much still a puppy but growing fast!!.

You can find her pestering whoever might give her some food, jumping up onto peoples laps at inconvenient times, or lying around the office wanting her tummy tickled.

Inca black dog team mascot
Letting Agent Hereford-Relocation PA Staff from relocation-PA.co.uk

Work at Relocation PA

Relocation PA’s vision is to become the leading supplier of shared accommodation in the West Midlands using constant innovation, feedback and iteration, whilst creating a culture of excellence where team members have the opportunity to progress quickly within the company and gain invaluable knowledge and skills to eventually buy investment property for themselves.

Relocation PA has a continuous recruitment policy so is always hiring for the right person.

Get in touch with us

Talk to our customer service team on 0333 444 0423, email us on one of the following accounts or fill out the form below.

General Enquiries: hello@relocation-pa.co.uk
Accounts Department: accounts@relocation-pa.co.uk
Lettings Department: lettings@relocation-pa.co.uk 

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Relocation PA is a limited company registered in England and Wales. 09412962.

41, Millbrook Street, Hereford, HR4 9LF.