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Who we hire

At Relocation PA we are always looking for dynamic, innovative and determined people to become part of our team.

There are seven key elements we look for in someone wishing to join our team.

  • Willingness to learn quickly through continuous improvement
  • Creative insight and imagination
  • Entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Longevity
  • Attention to detail
  • Team oriented
  • Fun


Constantly endeavouring to be the largest supplier of shared accommodation in the West Midlands

Brand Promises

  1. Happy tenants
  2. More time for busy landlords
  3. Innovative and proactive property management


  • Never standing still, always moving forward
  • Encouraging Individual ability and creativity
  • Excellence in reputation: Being part of something special
  • Being a pioneer, doing the impossible

4 reasons to build your career at Relocation PA

1. Mentorship

Relocation PA can offer employees wishing to get into the vast world of property investment valuable knowledge and insight and on hand mentoring to show them the ropes of property investing and help them mitigate the risks of buying property as an investment. We work with our employees to help them buy their first property and show them the upsides as well as downsides along with introducing them to our contracts for the future.

2. Flexibility

As a 21st-century business, Relocation PA is built around flexibility, as long as you can achieve the work needed, then we are very accommodating about working hours and times, from parents wanting to pick children up from school at 3pm to students wanting a part time job to fit around their studies.

3. Creative freedom

At Relocation PA we actively encourage creative expression and imagination from our employees. We are constantly asking team members to run experiments to come up with new ways of doing things or new products we can incorporate into our service. Innovation is the key to Relocation PA realising its vision and always being one step ahead of our competition, therefore we want our employees’ minds to run wild to create the ideas we actively seek. Employees who come up with new ideas and innovations are given the responsibility to bring their ideas to reality and are rewarded accordingly!

4. A dynamic team

Relocation PA has a dynamic team and culture unseen in any local business around the West Midlands. Our team love working at Relocation PA (well they say they do) and we have built a unique culture and loyalty between team members. If you wish to work as part of a fun, creative and rewarding team with a unique culture, then we would love to hear from you.

How to join the team

If you would like to join the Relocation PA team, then please email