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Our Story

Set up by Miles Pattison-Appleton and his parents in 2015, Relocation PA was born of a combination of frustration and a desire to change an outdated industry set in its ways.

Fed up of eye-watering high rents for extremely subpar accommodation which was damp and dirty with a letting agent who didn’t once visit the property or answer any of our maintenance requests, combined with unexpected fees never previously mentioned and locked into 12-month contracts, Miles decided there must be a better way for tenants in shared houses to rent.

Relocation PA is the result of that experience where we want to revolutionise the way tenants rent rooms. 

We truly believe what Relocation PA is pioneering the way people rent not only rooms, but houses too and we can guarantee it won’t be long before the rental market will adapt to a much more tenant focused flexible renting experience with Relocation PA at the helm disrupting the entire industry.

Relocation PAs Story

Find out more about how Relocation PA is changing the way tenants rent rooms in new cities, why Miles started Relocation PA, our mission of creating a new way to rent rooms in shared houses and why you sould rent the Relocation PA way!


"Constantly Delivering the Ultimate Renting Experience"

Our Promises

  • Bringing People Together

  • Flexibility

  • Transparency

  • Tenants ALWAYS come first

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