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  • Alex Pattison-Appleton
    Alex Pattison-Appleton
    Lettings Legend
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    Alex is responsible for the letting of our rooms and will be the point of contact for new tenants looking to rent a room. She is also the main bean counter making sure all the admin and accounts run smoothly. Alex enjoys running, cooking, walking the dogs and getting away on holiday when she can.

  • Miles Pattison-Appleton
    Miles Pattison-Appleton
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    Miles set up Relocation PA while at university to provide a solution for his ever expanding residential property portfolio. He now is a full time property investor, developer and entrepreneur focusing on expanding the innovative Relocation PA brand. Miles is a keen shot and fisherman and when not in the office you’ll find him in the countryside. Miles is a regular rower and squash player and enjoys travelling, wine and reading.

  • Elizabeth Henshaw
    Elizabeth Henshaw
    Marketing Intern
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    Elizabeth recently joined the Relocation PA team as our newest marketing intern to assist with both our digital and off line marketing efforts.

  • Ica
    Office Mascot
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    Inca joined the RPA team a few years ago. She can be found mostly pestering people, pinching snacks and wanting her tummy rubbed.

  • Tiki
    Junior Office Mascot
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    Tiki is the latest RPA team member to join us and pretty much takes after Inca with everything she does which mostly resolves around distracting people in the office for her neverending quest for attention.

Want to Join the Team?

We pride ourselves in having an ongoing recruitment policy, so we are always continuously looking for the best talent to join our team

If you feel you encompass these seven attributes below, we want to hear from you

  • Willingness to learn quickly through continuous improvement
  • Creative insight and imagination
  • Entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Longevity
  • Attention to detail
  • Team oriented
  • Fun loving

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