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About Relocation PA

  • Are you general letting agents?

    No, we most certainly are not. Relocation PA only lets and manages shared houses for professional tenants. We do not let and manage flats or family houses or have tenants without jobs or families.

  • Why did you decide to only manage shared houses then?

    We realised that the quality of shared accommodation in most large cities is substandard and so we saw a n opportunity to deliver superior quality accommodation at affordable prices. Somewhere that people can call home and love living in, as opposed to having to live there as it’s the best worst option, as well as providing people with a community of instant new friends around them when they move to new cities and don’t know anyone.

Choosing Our Tenants

  • What type of tenants rent your rooms?

    Our tenants are all professional working tenants with jobs, typically in their twenties. We only take tenants who would be a good fit for the house and company. 

  • Do the existing tenants have a say in which tenant moves in?

    Yes, we encourage the existing housemates to have a say as at the end of the day they will be living there with someone so they have to get on. We usually try and conduct viewings when the existing tenants will be around and if not we try to organise beers to meet them (beers on us).

  • Is it mainly boys or girls in each house?

    We try and have an even split of both if possible.

  • Are you tenants just from the UK?

    The majority of our tenants are from the UK but we have had a number of different nationalities in the past. 

  • Is there a maximum number of people allowed in a property?

    Yes there is and for good reasons. 

    Not only are there very strict rules around the number of people who can live in a property, but most importantly we wouldnt want you to live in an house stuffed full of as many people as possible as some landlords do!

  • Can I have a friend to stay?

    Yes, by all means.

    We will not tell you how to live in your house but we do ask you make sure your other housemates are happy and its only for a short period of time. 


  • Do you take deposits?

    No, we give you the choice between either joining our Zero Deposit scheme which means you dont have to pay a deposit, however if you dont whish to join, we would then ask for a traditional deposit from you instead. 

  • If I pay a deposit, where is it kept?

    We send any deposits off to an insurance backed scheme called My Deposits. 

  • Can you deduct monies from my deposit if you think I have damaged something?

    Yes but you have to agree to it beforehand. 

    If we can't agreee then the matter will go to a third party to be reviewed who will then decide what is reasonable based on the evidence provided.  

  • Do you regularly deduct monies from a deposit?

    No, we try not too. 

    It is extremely rare for us to do so and there has to be  very good reason for doing so such as not paying rent or clearly breaking something in your room which isn't general wear and tear from usage. 


  • How do I pay for my room?

    You pay your rent via a standing order that will be set up when you appy to become an Relocation PA tenant. 

  • Do I have to pay for the bills too?

    No, we offer a one simple payment each month meaning any costs are all wrapped up in your rent however because we are super nice, we pay all the bills for you so you never have to worry about them.

  • What is included in my monthly payment?

    All bill are included in your monthly rent inclusing water, electric, gas and council tax. 

    We also inlucude the super fast WiFi as well as a weekly cleaner to look after the communal areas and in the summer a gardener to all our properties. 

  • What are all of your other charges?

    We only charge one simple payment each month which includes everything from your rent, utility bills, cleaning etc so you will never be hit with any other fees from us. 


  • What furniture will be provided in my room?

    It differs from house to house but typically we provide you with a double bed, bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror and bin. 

  • What is provided in the sitting room?

    Again, this changes from house to house but we try and provide each house with a 50 inc TV with Netflix, a sofa, coffee table, rugs and beanbags as well as either a table and chairs or breakfast bar and stools.  

  • What do you provide in the kitchen?

    Pretty much everything you could think of unless you are doing some unsual cooking needing strange shaped dishes! 

    Each house will have cutlery, plates, bowles, utensils, pots and pans, a kettle, a toaster, a microwave and plenty of mugs and glasses as well as most other items you would find in your kitchen at home. 

    Each house will also have a washing machine and dryer either in the kitchen on in a utility room. 

  • Do you provide an iron and ironing board?

    Of course, we can't have you looking scruffy for work! We also provide a hoover, brush and dustpan as well as clothes line and racks for everyone to share. 


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